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Nevertheless, in this paper I am also referring to them, because in the local context it is important to understand how the two communities are referring to each other while identifying whom and how they are. Roma women do take care well of their children, they bring them in for shots ; Roma children are healthier because their mother breastfeed them for such a long period of time. essay help introduction social media network This paper aims to have a research-based contribution to the development of a reproductive health policy and of a Roma policy, which consider reproductive health as a human right of women and treat it as a socially and culturally determined phenomenon.

My analysis was founded on an empirical research carried out by the means of an ethnographic fieldwork and of the analysis of existing policies its methodological concerns are discussed in Chapter 3. During the socialist regime their majority both men and women was employed in one of the main factories of the city, out of which, after , but mainly during the s all collapsed partially or totally leaving them unemployed for a long period of time with very few changes for reemployment and without state pensions. thesis keywords example The fears regarding the assimilation of reproductive rights with fertility control are completed by the suspicions around the risk of treating family planning alongside with sexual disease as a Roma issue and around reproducing the negative prejudices about Roma. My analysis of reproductive health was focused on the prevalence of abortion and use of contraceptives neglecting its other aspects. The appendices section typically includes various materials or data that lend support to your text in the previous sections, but are too lengthy or detailed to be incorporated in these.

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It investigates it in the context of post-socialist Romania as a problem through which one may have an understanding of the broader issue of social exclusion as it functions under the circumstances of post-socialist transformations being revealed in Chapter 1. I could show that the Romanian reproductive health policies and the existing Roma policies were failing to respond to the interests and particular conditions of Roma women, and willingly or not transformed them into an underserved and multiple discriminated group. How to write recommendation in thesis paper For this there is a need to integrate the special measures intended to reach equal access to health care and reproductive rights of the underserved categories into the policies, which generally aim to ensure equal access to well-being on each domain of life.

The context of the problem. One may try to understand that in the case of a vulnerable community which, on the top, aims to construct its identity on the base of culturally valued traditions, pro-natalist concerns may have their functions in this attempt. How to write recommendation in thesis paper My paper discussed this aspect of women's reproductive health in the context of their lived experiences as revealed by the interviews observing their paradoxical situation created due to the fact that they belonged to different communities, and, as such, were subordinated to different regulations.

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The discussion should also address general limitations and weaknesses of the study and comment on these. Structure your thesis Title page, abstract, foreword, abbreviations, table of contents Introduction, methods, results Discussion, conclusions, recomendations, references, appendices, layout Test your knowledge Lesson 2: In the case of Roma communities it is shaped by structural discrimination, cultural prejudices, school segregation and school abandonment, poverty, disparities in income distribution and unemployment, inadequate housing and food, lack of clean water and sanitation, lack of official documents and of medical insurance in many cases.

Reproductive rights are important because the presence or absence of these rights has a huge impact on how people live and die, on their physical security, bodily integrity, health, education, mobility, social and economic status and other factors that relate to poverty. My interviews at Romani Criss revealed many problematic aspects of dealing with reproductive health, there were even voices there, which considered that this issue came out as a result of an international pressure. new research topics in psychology Nevertheless, women do know about contraceptives, but their information are not necessarily medically based and — due to the existing taboos — they hardly talk about this openly nor even among each other, not to speak about how they feel talking about this in the presence of strangers. Roma women tend to postpone attention to personal well-being in the interest of attending family care and the home so obtaining contraception for themselves is among the last on their list of medical priorities ; they are dominated by a feeling of shame when seeking help, especially if this requires a break in social codes of modesty; there are Roma customs that prevent women to seek care during or after pregnancy; under the circumstances of unequal gender relations women feel little power to choose when, with whom and with what form of protection, if any, to have sex; women are having fear of seeking medical care because they fear violence, abandonment or ostracism from their partner, family and community; and last, but not least, the stereotypical view that Roma women do not think of future, and other gender and ethnic stereotypes might cause health care workers not to offer family planning information and services, or provide information only on certain type of contraception.

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These multiple meanings of Gypsyness probable result from the parallel existence of the desire of self-respect and of the internalized stigmatization, from the ambivalence of identifying with a community and taking a distance from it at the same time, and from the latent will to find always an Other relative to whom one may feel "properly". The purpose of the discussion is to explain the central results and potential implications of your study. How to write recommendation in thesis paper Explanatory figures or tables developed by you or other sources such as maps and statistical profiles e. In terms of modern contraceptives they "choose" what is available for free and not what is necessarily proper for their medical condition.

Instead, they propose for the Decade to develop the concept of mainstreaming and the resulting policies, which are supposed to be based on the conviction according to which the role of promoting inclusion belongs to all state authorities, and the agency for Roma should have a coordinating role making sure that Roma are taken into account in each areas of public policy. These rights should be also respected by Roma organizations and women's perspective should be introduced into the discussions concerned with demographic issues. How to write recommendation in thesis paper Suspicions regarding the need of statistics disaggregated on the grounds of ethnicity not to talk about gender were formulated in the same context. Furthermore, the economic conditions in which they live, or more properly said, the ways in which they think that they might cope with poverty do shape Roma women's decision-making regarding reproduction, its control, and implicitly, their reproductive health. From gender-blindness to pro-natalist concerns.

The Roma community from Dealul Bemilor is a traditional group whose members descended themselves from traveler ancestors and spoke Romanes. The Health Status of Roma: A clear and explicit distinction should be made at each time between fertility control and reproductive rights. How to write recommendation in thesis paper That is why my recommendations presented in the separate policy paper do refer to this aspect of policymaking, too. He considered that the positive discrimination measures were not effective, because they reinforced the existing prejudices.

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